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Euro 2012 For Android Application Download

Euro 2012

Euro 2012 for android application can be obtained free of charge, please visit the link at the end of the article to download it. This application is, of course, useful to monitor the EURO 2012 soccer that are taking place in Poland and Ukraine.


Here we can see the latest news about the EURO 2012 which continues to automatically update, the game that will come, and at the very top is a favorite choice of the team that we can set in advance among the 16 countries competing.

Go to the navigation menu, we’ll get a selection:


That is the match schedule, which is divided from the AD group, standings, and teams that made it into the knockout stages.


Here we can see the full information of each country to compete. The start of the match schedule, team positions, and the line-up players.


EURO 2012 news about all we can get here, and continue to be updated as the passing of this annual event 4. Do not miss the photo gallery that we can access one by one.VIDEO CENTRE


Here we can watch a video about the coverage, rumors, and interviews about European football. EURO 2012 is not only just but there is also a video about the Champions League, the Europa League, and Free Content which contains general info about the world of European football. But to watch the highlights of a game we are required to pay a ‘Pass’ which can be purchased directly through this application.


This menu displays news feeds from Facebook official EURO 2012 timeline, so we do not need to open up a separate application if you want to see an update on their page.


On this option, you can set any notification to activate, such as a new news or the occurrence of a goal in a match. In addition, we can integrate your Facebook and Twitter to share the information contained in this application.

Interested in Euro 2012 for android application? please download Euro 2012 for android here (This application is not available for the American users yet)