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Free Download SMS Backup And Restore For Your Android Smartphone

SMS Backup Restore

Today we will share an article with you folks that will help you download the latest version of SMS Backup & Restore app. Not convinced why exaclty you should do that? Keep on reading!

We are all spending quite a good amount of time texting back and forward to our friends and families or even business partners perhaps – so we can definitely say that texting has become an inherent part of our lives that we can always rely upon. Not only do texts revolve around the initial common questions such as “How you have been” or “See you there at 5 pm”, but we have started to negotiate and share important aspects via our texts, may it be intimate affairs or actually important business related strategies.

So with these in mind, I’d like to share my thoughts with you on a particular application download titled ‘SMS Backup & Restore’ – which basically gives you users out there a hand for saving all the texts that you might have sent, along with the ones that you have also received – from your smartphones prior to the processes of applying a root, or implementing an update or even the firmware files flashing installation.

What makes this app so cool is that you could simply use it to have all your text messages saved in one single folder. But that is not all and the juicy stuff is yet to come. If there are any problems that come up along the way in what concerns your firmware update or perhaps even during those times when you are in the middle of the procedure of applying a root, you should go for the SMS Backup and Restore app as it shall give you a hand into simply allowing  you to just restore the SMSs at a later stage. But as a Note to the user, this app must be taken care of prior to the actual updating or even to the rooting your Android process to make sure it works accordingly. Afterwards, once you are done with having backed up the texts, then you can go on and you will notice that the .XML format is the chosen one for these savings too.

So all is quite right with the SMS Backup & Restore app and I do personally highly recommend you look into it and see if it strikes the cord with you too. To make it, even more, appealing, do note that you can get this app for free and you can, of course, get it via the Google Play Store, as usual.

We have to thank Ritesh Sahu for having developed it, and when it comes to languages, it scores points, as it supports a whole bunch of different languages: Finnish, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Estonian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Welsh, Czech, Macedonian. And the list keeps on going, from Turkish to  Hungarian to  Hebrew and even to Traditional Chinese or Korean and Norwegian, to Danish and Romanian and lastly Greek. And if this is not enough for you, be happy to find out that making it available in new languages is something being considered to be applicable to upcoming updates.

Now if you have made up your mind – you can just go ahead and proceed with downloading the SMS Backup & Restore via the Google Play Store link that you can find here, and be informed that you can use it on the recently released Android 4.2.x Jelly Bean as well.

Once you have finalized the downloading and the installation processes, you can just go ahead and test the app. Then backing your text messages. has to be next on the list. Once again – the app shall do the saving of the files as XML and then automatically place them on the SD Card.

I hope this app is going to work well with you! We are looking forward to your feedback on it, so do not hesitate to give us your input.