Sony Xperia z vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Sony Xperia z vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Since the phone launched, the Sony Xperia Z was on top in the best smart phones list. However, Now Samsung is ready to challenge its Japanese competitor with its latest flagship device, Galaxy S4. Let’s find out, which one is superior in Sony Xperia Z & Samsung Galaxy S4 comparison.

Build & Design

Galaxy S4 is pretty similar to its younger sibling Galaxy S3 in looks however way different than its competitor Sony Xperia Z. S4 comes in rounded pebble-like shape with plastic material and a removable back cover. Whereas Xperia Z has got sharp and square shape with waterproof and dust proof glass material.

Dimension wise, S4 is relatively small with 136.6X69.8X7.90 mm as compared to Xperia Z, which is at 139X71X7.90 mm. Also, it’s bit lighter with 130 grams of weight against 146 grams of Xperia Z.


When it comes to display, it seems to be a draw between the two handsets. Both have different specifications with their own benefits. Xperia Z has 5.0 inch TFT screen with Sony’s own Bravia Engine 2 for display and S4 has 5.0 inch AMOLED Screen. Both handsets provide same resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.


In terms of specs & benchmarks, Galaxy S4 beats the Xperia Z as it has better processor 1.9GHz quad-cores than Xperia Z’s quad – core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 and got a score of 3227, 41fps & 1092ms in Geekbench 2, GLBenchmark and SunSpider whereas Xperia Z got 1986, 30fps and 1791ms respectively. But in real-world performance, Galaxy S4 has been found out laggy at times by the users. Since the user experience is much better in Xperia Z so if we’ve to choose a performance based phone then definitely it has to be Xperia Z.Camera & Storage

Camera & Storage

When cameras are compared, both the smart phones are packed with similar specifications. They feature 13 Mega pixel primary cameras with 4128×3096 pixels of resolution. Also both have a secondary camera of 2 Mega pixels, which is capable of recording HD 1080p videos.

Samsung has opted to market their flagship Galaxy S4 model in three variants – 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB storage but Xperia Z of Sony comes in only 16 GB storage model. However, Galaxy S4 is currently available in only 16 GB model.

Both the phones have a memory expansion slot up to 64 GB.


OS wise, there is a minor difference between the two. Galaxy S4 runs on 4.2.2 and Sony Xperia Z ships with 4.1.2, which soon will be updated to 4.2.2.

Samsung S4 is skinned on TouchWiz UI technology, which offers bright colors and more functions whereas Sony’s UI is known for darker elegance, which is paired with a minimalistic touch. Comparison wise, both the UI’s are different and unique in their own ways.


Samsung S4 has a large removable battery with power supply of 2600 mAh and Xperia Z has 2330 mAh power supply non-removable battery. Even though the Samsung model has a bigger battery, both phones showed similar result while reviewing.


When we talk about price, Sony Xperia Z model is undoubtedly affordable. It is available at approximately Rs 33,600 in the market while the Galaxy S4 is priced at Rs 40,300.


The Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4 are mostly even, in terms of features. However, considering the lower price of Xperia Z with a better build quality and finish, it has to be the winner.