Twitter’s Mobile Crash Reporting Tool Crashlytics Arrives on Android.


Twitter, created in 2006, has now become a global communication platform. Today it has over 200 million active users on a monthly average around the world. We can see almost half a billion tweets on every imaginable topic, every 3 days on an average.

Twitter, the biggest communication platform provider had acquired mobile crash reporting tool Crashlytics. It’s growing bigger and better after its acquisition of this tool. In February 2013, its came up with the enterprise features making it free for the public. Again 30th May 2013 the company had released the much-awaited update for Android users, with the launch of Android SDK (software development kit).

Let’s look at the detailed features of this newly launched Android SDK.

Fully automated deobfuscation

The latest Android Crashlytics use a multi-step procedure to analyze crashes and de-obfuscate stack traces automatically using Proguard-ed apps for all the apps built based on Gradle, Ant, and Maven. It can easily handle on-device exceptions. As soon as the crash report is created into the system, the stack frames are reprocessed, against the mapping file of an application.

Seamless IDE Integration

Android SDK is directly integrated with IntelliJ, Eclipse and Android studio across all the platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac. The special plug-in also allows you to get started with the SDK and it will keep working constantly to notify any new issues. It also allows you to track the most common crashes without closing the IDE.

Condensed Crash Reporting

This Crashlytics will collect crashes from all the devices and version backdated from 2.1. It then creates a robust report by condensing these crashes from hundreds of devices.

Logged Exceptions

It also allows you to log the recognized exceptions in your particular app’s catch blocks. The performance crash is negligible, as it processes all the exceptions on a specialized background thread.

Free Enterprise Features

Crashlytics is an enterprise level crash reporting tool, which is available for free to all. It has many enterprise grade features built within tool with no cost of usage, any limitations, and fees.

Real-time Report

Crashlytics will generate a real-time report for crashes and detailed workflow integration along with the issue tracking tools in use.

Advanced Logging

With its advanced logging feature, Crashlytics also helps you with multiple logging components, which includes custom logging, custom user attributes, and customer keys.


Along with its advanced features, it proves to be the most secure crash reporting tool. With the help of backend-binary file formats, all the communications from the server are completed over SSL.


Crashlytics is also strongly efficient when it comes to providing the stability to your app and the user experience. It has no negative impact on the performance of an app and adds only 45KB weight to your app.

For those who are not into development, this tool is specially designed to spot bugs and to easily integrate into developer’s current workflow.