Samsung Galaxy Note III With Image Stabilization Feature

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung is a name that raises eyebrows and makes eyeballs pop, it makes you stop as and turn around to check out the news and Samsung is one of the biggest companies for smartphone manufacturing in the present day. Samsung has always been appreciated for two of its most prominent features; one being the striking collaboration with the Google’s operating system for mobile phones, Android and the amazing camera it features.

Samsung’s camera for mobile phones have always appealed to the masses for the clarity and the image quality they offer and off late with the Samsung smartphones turning better than best, the Samsung cameras have also developed down the lane. With every smartphone that is coming out under the name ‘Samsung’, the camera specifications just seem to get better than the rest.

Samsung is not only working on making its smartphones better, it is also reaching out well towards the tablet market where the people’s interest is now inclined towards, while even in the tablet market, Samsung has made its mark with the Tab2 and Samsung is now concentrating on the phablet scene where there is a blend between a smartphone and tablet. Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Note II have made the company’s foundation strong in the market.

Samsung has now taken up its next step to rule to phablet market with the Samsung Galaxy Note III. The Samsung Galaxy Note promises some of the best of features with the phablet, but the most prominent part that has made people anticipate for the tablet to be released in the Image Stabilization feature that it sports, you can imagine the quality of the images and videos recording with this phablet and the output that would be hence delivered.

Reports that have been passing by the World Wide Web claim that the Galaxy Note 3 could feature the best of camera Samsung has ever mounted on a handset and its most important feature being the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) that is equipped with the phone. This feature would help you in improving the quality of your pictures and video captured and shot with the Phablet.

Galaxy Note 3This Optical Image Stabilization technology is used in cameras and mobile phone cameras to decrease the amount of blur that could be caused by movements when capturing the pictures or even while recording videos for that matter. Besides enhancing the camera capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note III with the Optical Image Stabilization, the creative from Samsung has planning to include the 3x optical zoom features, but on another note, this is not advisable as it plays around with the thickness of the phone and thus with the dimensions as well. Most the mobile camera have an inbuilt Optical Image stabilization feature but having it as an external or additional feature makes the whole experience as different as it could be made.

All these reports are the ones compiled in the World Wide Web, one cannot assure that all the above-mentioned specifications may be true /may not be true, until and unless Samsung itself makes an official confirmation about the features of the phablet.

Samsung is anyways quite popular for the digital cameras it manufactures including the ones made for the smartphones and the Android-based Samsung Galaxy camera that did trip the people off the floors for the performance it delivered. And now when the same company is offering something more enhanced that its own predecessor then the performance could be something that would definitely appeal to the masses.

The image stabilization feature in Samsung Galaxy Note II would surely be an add-on for the phablet, people are already waiting for the launch of the same for after the success of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Grand, the masses end up expecting a lot from the companies. When it comes to smartphones Samsung has always lived up to the expectations of the customers, this is evident from the fact that every smartphone company introduces makes some kind of impact on the people. Samsung has always managed to set its standards among its customers.

Samsung is now leading the market shares in the smartphone manufacturing industry though there is a threat from other companies like Apple and HTC, it looks like Samsung is pretty strong wherever it stands. Though HTC ONE has managed to outrun the Samsung Galaxy S4 in terms of specifications, when it comes to sales, Samsung Galaxy S4 still leads the race.

One of the major reasons for Samsung to carry out such a triumphant stand is for the credibility that the company portrays. Samsung has been in the electronics business for several decades together, it has been itself a name in the industry and when the company managed to surpass Nokia in the market shares for mobile manufacturing, one can make the estimate of the power the company possesses, it managed to topple down a world leader who has been ruling the industry for almost a decade.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note III seems to be another weapon that the company is launching so as to keep the shares in the market. The Samsung Galaxy Note III already seems to be quite promising and up to the mark and with the image stabilization feature added on to the plate, there seems to only nods of appreciation in the company’s hand. The Samsung Galaxy Note III will surely shake the market shares again for its perfect blend between a smartphone and a tablet; it is a very smart move by the company itself to introduce this device in the market, where people are in the dilemma of choosing between a tablet and smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note III will turn out to be the savior for them for it would offer the services of a smartphone as well as a tablet, and there isn’t a necessity to doubt on the performance, for it is Samsung being discussed here, the company that has never failed to deliver what it has promised.