Samsung Galaxy S5 release date: Android 5.0 Just Around The Corner

Samsung Galaxy S5

There are some voices in the rumor pool that had us wondering about the posibility of another S series launch. Even though the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still fresh out of the oven, Samsung may consider pushing the launch of the S5 for this year. Now this is just a theory, but could it prove itself reality? The S4 didn’t have that much market success after allm which may decrease its stock value. Another device with a different OS (namely the Android 5.0) might give Samsung a break. The plastic wrapped around the smartphone proved very fragile when the device shattered into numerous pieces during a test. Even the bulky S4 Active didn’t prove to be a Hercules. The Active mode is supposed to whithstand shock and to be water and dust proof. Well that, didn’t work out well either, water infiltrated quite nicely. Based on these facts, some accused the South Korean company of forgery on the public benchmarks. All this bad Karma may drive Samsung into an early release of the Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 was rumored to be released in April 2014, based on the release dates of its predecessors. Because the S4 took a lot of hits for the looks, which seem to be completely borrowed from the S3, this new device will have to be a design innovation. Another common critique Samsung’s high-end phones have been faced with is the plastic casing. This is a long-debated subject, as other manufacturers have released the flagship line wrapped in something sturdier than plastic. But let bygones be bygons, cuz Samsung may wow its public once more with a fiber carbon touch. Samsung has purchased just a couple of months ago 50% worth of stock belonging to a carbon fiber producer.

The cherry on top will be the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie that will most likely come pre-installed on the S5 model. Google is ound to launch it in a little while, thus developpers will have enough time to port it.

With all these goodies in store for consumers and all the negativity surronding the Galaxy S4 line, will Samsung launch the S5 sooner than 2014?