War of Tanks For Android and PC – Let the Fun Begin

War of Tanks

!War of Tanks is the perfect game for people who simply love playing with tanks. In fact, War of Tanks Android is a popular game that a number of gamers are hooked on these days. Unlike other Android games, War Tanks does not ask you to only take the position of a commander. But this game is more about teamwork. In fact, you can build an entire platoon of tanks to put your enemies to an end. Now, that is certainly a cool feature for a game like this.

Understanding the Gameplay

So, what is the gameplay? Well, it simply involves confronting different sizes and forms of tanks that attack your boundaries and your goal is to destroy each tank that comes in your way. Holding the position of the commander, your role involves specifying the purpose for the tank while choosing one of the three tank skills that are specific to each tank. Remember though that your foes are wise enough to take revenge by trying to destroy you in the least time possible. So, the game wants you to be vigilant, wise and energetic. While playing War of Tanks, you can see the number of lives at the top of each tank on your screen. In fact, you can even add or remove skills for ach tank whenever you like. This is a feature that many gamers like about this cool Android game.

As you make your progress, you’ll be given rewards in the form of a certain amount of bucks. You also have the option of placing your tank in the game’s hangar that has 3 free slots. Apart from making the most of the upgrades, players can also use advanced shells to destroy their enemies more quickly. War Tanks typically has two modes that include a Company as well as Multiplayer. The Company lets you get started with a number of missions. This means that you will be able to progress and upgrade the tank more quickly.  But, when it comes using the multiplayer, you will have to reach level 5 to make the most of it.

What About The Graphics?

Considering the graphics used, War Tanks is quite appealing. Many players have found the special effects to be okay. The orchestral music that is the soundtrack doesn’t do a bad job. All in all, War of Tanks is the perfect treat for those who like fighting with tanks and strengthening their units with numerous and various sizes and types of tanks. Whether it’s about combining UPGRADES for crushing your opponents or joining forces with your pals in MULTIPLAYER, the game has it all for you. So, if you think that War of Tanks is the game for you.

You can download War Tanks for your Android-powered smartphone by visiting the Google Play website and looking for the game.  Just like other games on the Goggle Play Store, this game is also available for installation with a quick summary and reviews of what the game is all about.

War of Tanks- A Quick Summary

All in all, War Tanks is a cool game that lets gamers enjoy the action by building their tank platoons and destroying their enemies using cool tricks and game strategies. The game offers perfect opportunities for upgrading the tanks with the most recent technological tools while managing squads. Another feature of the game is to allow gamers to get a better hold of their tactics so that the enemy can be destroyed in this awesome game of tanks. War Tanks also lets gamers enjoy their gaming experience by unlocking various sizes and forms of tanks and strengthening the individual unit.  You can also use upgrades and combine them with special functions for crushing your enemies. Now, that is definitely a cool gaming feature.  Also, the game lets you kill many enemies in CAMPAIGN as well as online modes. And, if you fell lonely or bored, you can always join your pals in MULTIPLAYER for an additional doze of fun.

Download War of Tanks for PC

Yes, you can download this Android game on your PC. The option is to use an Android emulator. The reason Android emulators are becoming so popular these days is because they help developers in hardcore development as well as coding processes by letting them test and even run the code before making the ultimate decision of migration to the phone.  Android emulators are particularly useful for people who don’t have an Android phone and want to run their favorite Android apps and games on PC. Now, you can use android emulators to use your Android apps and games on your computer. With the help of an Android emulator for PCsuch as BlueStacks, you can download War of Tanks for PC.