Download YouTube 5.7.36 on Android – Latest Google Update

Youtube Android App

DownloadYouTube 5.7.36 on Android to get the most from Google’s Android app. If you haven’t heard this already, we would like to inform you that Google updated 3 Android applications this Wednesday, including YouTube, Hangouts as well as Translater.  So, if you are thinking to download YouTube on Android, this is the perfect opportunity for you to add the latest version that comes with advanced improvements and new features! YouTube for Android   has been updated to the latest 5.7 version based on the demands of the many Android users from all over the world. This means that the YouTube 5.7.36 app for android comes with the option of manually choosing the level of quality while a video is being played.

Now, you can choose the quality of video streaming such as auto, 360p, 144p, 720p, etc. by using the special gear icon. Previously, when you had to downloadYouTube 5.7.36 on Android, you only had the option ofHD/HQ. But, this time, things have changed and improved with YouTube 5.7.36 android. YouTube v5.7.36 app also has improved video quality for all Android-powered smartphones and tablets, including those having Android 4.2 or higher. Another cool feature is the YouTube Mix i.e. automatic playlists for the various music videos. Your screen will display the left-hand guide drawer that will have personal playlists as well as liked videos. In fact, Android users will be able to share playlists too. Moreover, if you decide to downloadYouTube 5.7.36 on Android, you will be able to see if the comment can be shared at the public or private level. You also have the option of replying or deleting it.

Since Google has announced this update, Android users are really keen to download YouTube 5.7.36 on Android. After all, version 5.6.36 that was released last month also enjoyed many downloads. So, what is the most exciting thing about this update? Well, this new version will accompany the special streaming resolution, which can be selected and customized by the user. It is important to note that the app’s iOS version already had this feature and it is time for the Android version to have this cool feature! For the past couple of years, HD resolution support has been an essential part of the YouTube support. The feature has allowed various web users to have the freedom of choosing the exact streaming resolution for each video being played. On the other hand, Android users were limited to enabling or disabling this HQ/HD. Thanks to the latest Google update; you will not see that HD/HQ button any more. Instead, your smartphone or tablet’s screen will display an even better option of the special cogwheel. A single click on this cogwheel will let you choose the streaming resolution in a manual manner. Similar to the

As with all other Android apps, this new and improved version of YouTube app is slowly finding its place in consumer Android devices through the Google Play Store. So, you better keep an eye on the Google Play Store to safely download YouTube 5.7.36 for Free.

Download YouTube 5.7.36 for PC

YouTube 5.7.36 can even be downloaded to PC. With the help of an Android emulator for PC such as the BlueStacks Player, you can download your favorite apps on your computer. Android emulators are particularly useful for people who don’t have an Android phone and want to run their favorite Android apps and games on PC. This program is relatively simple to use and offers a comfortable interface for all types of devices. You can look for the most popular Android games as well as Android apps through this program. In fact, if you install an android emulator on your PC, you will have to spend a few minutes on typing in download YouTube 5.7.36 on Android before installing this app on PC.