Get the Latest Version of Instagram on Android and PC

Instagram App Update

Instagram on Android is definitely one of the must-have social networking apps for your tablet or smartphone. Utilizing various tools to add beauty and perfection to your favorite photos, this Android app has some really awesome social sharing features. Whether it’s about enhancing pictures or sharing new photos, the app has it all set for you. In fact, most Android geeks love it for the mere fact that it lets them have an up-to-date photo diary of what their family and friends are doing.

When using Instagram on Android, you will be required to sign up for an account but you can always choose the alternative method of logging in using your Facebook account. When using Facebook to log in, you may want to go for a general username. Another cool feature of this Android app is its ability to scan the list of your Facebook friends while adding people who use this app to your individual feed. The feed appears just like Facebook, but it doesn’t have any text posts. It only has pictures. As the user, you will have the option of commenting or liking on any picture you come across. Because the app was initially designed to work with iPhones, Instagram on Android appears more or less like an iPhone application.

So how does this app work? You can simply start editing and filtering your pics by snapping a photo in the app or uploading a pic from your personal gallery. The filters come in different styles, and you can choose one that appeals to you the most. Simply add the filter to your photomap or share it with your favorite social networks right from the application.

Although it takes a little while before your photo is processed and shared, Instagram is the perfect tool for sharing, filtering and browsing photos of all types, sizes and styles. When it comes to social photo sharing applications, Instagram on Android is definitely a popular choice.

Yes, you can download the latest version of Instagram on Android. You can download this app for free by visiting the official website of Google Play. Click here to download Instagram 6.0 on Android.

What’s New And Exciting!

Instagram 6.0 comes with some great features that Android geeks would love to get their hands on. In addition to boasting 100% free custom designed borders and filters, the latest version of the app lets you create even more vibrant and detailed photos. In addition to having radial and linear Tilt-Shift blur effects in order to ensure extra field depth, the app can be used for instantly sharing pics on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare as well as Tumblr.  The app also lets users share comments and likes with friends. And the best part is that it is compatible with Android version 2.2 and above.

Instagram on Android is now equipped with ten fresh photo-editing options. Moreover, the filters can be double-tapped for adjusting the strength. While Warmth and Saturation allow for color enrichment, the options of Brightness, Highlights, Contrast along with Shadows can be used for adjusting lights as well as darks. It also lets you make crisper and clearer photos with the Sharpen option. Also, the app can be used for uploading and sharing videos without any hassle.

Download Instagram 6.0 For PC

This amazing app can also be downloaded to PC. With the help of an Android emulator for PC such as the BlueStacks Player, you can download your favorite Android apps on your computer. Android emulators are particularly useful for people who don’t have an Android phone and want to run their favorite Android apps on PC. This program is relatively simple to use and offers a comfortable interface for all types of devices. You can look for the most popular Android apps and games through this program. In fact, if you install an android emulator on your PC, you will have to spend a few seconds to search for Instagram on Android before installing it for PC.