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Download Call Logs Backup And Restore App For Your Android Smartphone

Call Logs Backup Restore App

As you probably know already, the Call Logs of your Android device register all the dialed received and missed calls on your phone. So, if you plan to run a custom ROM on your smartphone, and you don`t want to lose all your call logs, we recommend you to make a backup of them on your phone`s SD card. To achieve you must simply download Call Logs Backup & Restore app for Android and the work is done.

If you didn`t know already, the Call Logs Backup & Restore app is a free tool available for smartphone devices and it gives you the possibility to backup all your call logs straight to the SD card of your phone. Even more, you will be able to build a similar call log backup restore folder name.

A great feature of this tool is the fact that it allows you to see all the backups directly from its interface. You should know, that you will be able to even customize the folder created for saving all your call logs and more than this, the app offers you help for automatic scheduling backup. You will be able to easily recognize the files saved on your smartphone`s SD card because they will be saved as a .XML.  If you are interested in having this app, you should know that you can start downloading it from the Google Play Store. If you`ll encounter any issues, feel free to use our comment section below and ask for help.

You will be pleased to find out that, the Call Logs Backup & Restore tool is able to endorse about 500 calls, and all of them can be simply restored on your device after you finish whatever you needed to do with your phone. So, you can proceed now with any update you might want, you can root your device or run a firmware on it if you want to because this tiny Android tool will give you the opportunity to backup and restore all the call logs stored on your device. As we told you before, it`s easy to install, and you can have it for free from the Google Play Store. If you are interested in using this awesome app, you can save it on your smartphone, and all you need to do is to click here.

You should keep in mind, that all the backed up files will be saved in a default folder placed on your phone`s SD card, and you will be able to see it as CallLogsBackupRestore directory. But if you want to change the name, you should know – as we already told you – that you are allowed to do it. So, remember that you can choose a specific  Backup folder  on your Android device, where you can save all the call logs you want.