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How to Update Samsung Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Google Play Edition

Android Jelly Bean

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 GT I9505 can now rejoice as the Google PLAY Edition update has been made available just a few days ago. But, prior to heading to the installation steps we recommend that you check out our list of pre requisites. You will need the assistance of Odin, so that one should also be downloaded and unpacked.

Pre Requisites List:

  • A very important thing is to create back-ups to everything personal on the phone. This is how you’re going to do that:

– For your SMS’s be sure to make use of the SMS Backup & Restore application;

– In order to save your contacts sync with the Gmail app;

Call Log & Restore app will take care of, obviously, your Call Log;

– For saving photos, music tracks, videos and any other type of file, you should copy them to the SD card, internal/external;

– If you would like to keep your APN and MMS settings you should do as follows: firstApplications, then Settings, scroll down and enter Wireless and Network , after that you must click on Mobile Networks and, lastly, go to Access Point Names.

  • Make sure to turn On the USB Debugging. If you don’t know how to do that, go to Settings, then More, in that screen select Development Options and you will see USD Debugging.
  • The phone must have at least 40% battery life in order to avoid a shut down during the update process.

Please follow closely the steps exhibited. Any issue or damage that occurs by not respecting the instructions shall not be placed upon us.

Because the firmware release is by Google and not by Samsung, a rooting is necessary prior to the update. You will find the necessary steps below:

How to Root Galaxy S4 on XXUAMDM Firmware:

  1. Take down the XXUAMDM Rooting Firmware pack from here: to your computer, and do the same with Odin. When both downloaded, extract and open on you PC.
  2. Start the Download Mode on the Galaxy Beam by switching Off the device and then long pressing the Volume Down Key & Menu Button at the same time. After that restart the device, still keeping the keys pressed. Once ON you will now notice that the screen displays the Download Mode Green Robot. You may stop the hold on the keys.
  3. Use the USB cable to connect the phone to the PC, and you will notice that the ID: COM section switch to Yellow/Blue, this means that the drivers have been installed successfully.
  4. In order to select the tar file obtained by extracting the package, you will have to click on PDA.
  5. After you click on Start, the update will begin, which will last about 2-3 minutes. When done, the device will restart. The restart will take about 3-4 minutes. When it will display the home screen you may disconnect.
  6. To make sure you have rooted your Samsung. get the Root Checker from the Google PLAY store and install it to your device.

Now we will finally move on to the firmware update.

How to install Google PLAY’s Edition of Jellybean 4.2.2 Firmware:

  1. Download the pack for the firmware on your computer. When the download is completed, use the USB cable to connect the device to the computer. After that, take the pack and move it to your Samsung Galaxy S4, once copied, you may disconnect.
  2. You will have to shut down your phone in order to go to Recovery Mode. To get to the Recovery Mode, you will need to press the Up Volume toggle and the Center Key. Keep them pressed and at the same time press the Power Button. If you see a green Android robot, you’ve reached the Recovery Mode.
  3. Once here, select Install zip from SD Card, find the zip you have save earlier and select it.
  4. The update will begin, You will have to wait for about 4 to 5 min. When it is completed  you will have to select the Go Back key on the screen and then Reboot System Now. Your Samsung device will be restarted into the normal state.

Now, if your device goes into a reboot loop, or it freezes in one of the loading screens, you will have to remove the battery, and after you place it back and turn it on, repeat all of the above steps for firmware update.

And if all went well, you have just updated your Samsung Galaxy S4 with Google Play’s Edition Jellybean 4.3 Firmware. Please don’t be shy to share the experience with us, let us know if you have experienced any issues while going through with the above.

In the unfortunate case that your device goes into a reboot loop, or it may freeze in one of the loading screens, you will have to remove the battery, and after you place it back repeat all of the above steps for firmware update.