Here’s Why Everyone Is Using JIRA

Here's Why Everyone Is Using JIRA

There are loads of different project management tools out there that help companies keep on top of their important work. The question on everyone’s lips, though, is which one is the best. While there is no hard and fast answer to that question, it does seem like JIRA is the one that everyone is talking about now. Want to know why it’s so good? Here’s why everyone is using it.

It’s Extremely Flexible

JIRA is incredibly flexible and suited to most projects but thanks to tools like the qTest for JIRA Test Management, that flexibility is further increased. And that is because it can be integrated in real-time and at various levels. While every member of your team is using JIRA, everyone can create a ticket whenever they need to. And there is no chance that anyone will miss any of these tickets or other tasks, as they will instantly receive an email notification about it.

It Offers Complete Transparency

When you are working on JIRA, you can see exactly what all the other people in your team are working on. All of the current tasks are assigned to someone, and this information is completely visible to everyone. So no one in your team will need to ask about who is doing what!

JIRA Allows For Commenting

It is ever so easy to keep in touch with the people who you are working with on JIRA as there is a very effective commenting tool. And this also makes it a lot easier to collaborate with others not in the same office as you. In fact, it is also incredibly easy to collaborate with team members who are in a totally different time zone!

There Is A Fantastic User Experience

We all know that the user experience of an app or software is critical when it comes to user reviews. And JIRA has got its whole user experience down to a T! The software features a drag and drop option, which is very intuitive to use. Every team member can select a ticket and drop it into the relevant process step.

It Is Cost Effective

Got a tight budget or a very tight schedule? No problem; JIRA is well-suited to these types of projects! Each team member can create a story point for each task, so everyone has a good idea of where they currently are with the project. This helps those responsible for estimating the current time scale and the whole project budget. This then allows managers and stakeholders to make crucial decisions.

You Can Customize Your Workflow

It is incredibly easy to customize your workflow in JIRA. This way, you can tailor all of your projects so that they are carried out in the best way to suit your own company.

So there you have it; there are many reasons why JIRA is everyone’s favorite project management tool right now. Why not get a free trial right now to test it out for yourself?! Then let us know exactly what you think!